Company Kitchen


Why us

• At Khiyami and Daoud, we have made quality our highest priority. We have an air-tight health strategy, and we select products carefully and accurately from major international companies that give great attention to the monitoring and evaluation of product quality.

• We commit ourselves to diversification in order to meet different tastes. Our company is constantly seeking to promote consumers’ sense of satisfaction and confidence in our products.

• We are working to develop quality and performance in the field of food distribution and marketing on an ongoing basis through an integrated, specialist, trained marketing team spread throughout Syria. The team uses a large fleet of modern refrigerated vehicles to transport and store food products.

• We store the products at our many warehouses at the required exact temperature in full accordance with food safety regulations. We have an area of over 375 thousand square meters, including warehouses for dry, cold and frozen storage.

• Finally, our company constantly seeks to enhance confidence and transparency with the consumer. We distribute sufficient quantities of the product to all our staff to taste and try the product in their homes before putting it to market.